Our school House – System

Blue House

The Progress of any nation rests on the Caliber of its resources. Students of Blue house participated in all the competitions and activities in the School. They participated with great enthusiasm and spirit. We made excellent performance in all competition. During Onam, Christmas, Sargostac, Sports, and all other Cultural activities. In the Annual sports meet for the intra house many children got prizes.

Green House

Our students showed excellent performace in all competitions like Onam, Christmas, Sargostac, Sports, and all other Cultural activities. Most of the students have won the prizes in various items. We are glad to say that everything was possible only by the grace above and the unstained help from the Principal and Vice Principal. We also recall with gratitude the affection and concern of my co-ordinators. We express our special appreciation to the captains of our houses, for their hardwork and dedication.

Red House

Through out the year, all the students of the Red House put their heart and soul together in each and every event and as a result we came out with flying colours. We stood first in the Sargotsav Competition, Annual sports meet,. Cultural competitions during Onam and Christmas and thus bagged the Over all Championship Trophy for the Academic Year 2016-2017.

Yellow House

The yellow house students participated in all programmes and activities conducted by the School. Their hard work, dedication and co-operation brought out excellent performance in all competitions during Onam, Sargotsav, sports and all other cultural activities. The most important achievement of the year was that we bagged the Runner –up trophy of this academic year.