Our School Club

The Motto of our club is to learn More and archive more

During this academic year our school conducted various club activities to enhance the co-scholatic skill of the students and to exhibit their hidden talents. The Literary club conducted spelling- competition, word pyramid, puzzle and spontaneous skill tests. Selected members of our club participated in powerpoint-presentation, still model making, mathematic quiz programme, Photography web-page designing, Natures extra Vaganza creativity from scarp and model.- making etc. The performance of the students was up to a good standard.

Computer Club 2016-17

During this academic year, we conducted two competitions namely a slide-presentation for class V to VII and a webpage designing for classes VIII to X. Students participated very actively in each items. Through these competitions, we could develop the intellectual skill of the students.

Mathematics Club 2016-17

The aim of Mathematics Club is to make the study of Mathematics Club is to make the study of Mathematics interesting. For the academic year 2019-17, Maths club organized two activities and participated in different competitions conducted by other clubs. Maths Club organized maths quiz for students from each Club. Model Making was organized for classes VII to X. Five students participated from each club. Students were asked to make models of things using natural products in mathematical shapes. The Models included mathematical parks, wind mill, buildings, etc. Most of the students express fantastic skill in this competition.

Science Club 2016-17

Our Science Club Conducted programmes which helped them in collaborating and co-ordinating their activities.

In this academic year our Science Club organized two activities nd participated in different competitions conducted by other clubs. Our first activity was clay modeling for classes IX and X. The second activity for our club was creativity from scrap. This activity was done in order to motivate the students to use their talents most beneficially.

Eco club (2016-17)

The Eco club tries to develop an eco-friendly attitude in students. For the academic year 2016-17 eco club organized two activities and participated in different competitions conducted by other clubs. Our first activity for classes V, VI and VII was students creativity by interacting with nature. Five students participated from each club. Second was photography competition. An innovative step was taken by the club for the first time. Students from IX & X enthusiastically participated in the programme.

Charity Club 2016-17

This School Charity Club is the best one that one can see among the school clubs in Kerala. Every year, our students collect their pocket money and deposit them in our Charity Club Fund. With that money we buy new – clothes, food grains, detergents, toothpaste, brush, medicines, Wheel Chairs, Fridges and so many use ful things and donate them to the Old age houses, Orphanages, Lunatic asylums and Crippled-Homes. By helping them, our students try to bring the differently abled neglected ones to the main steam of social-life. Besides we find patients suffering from serious diseases and help them financially to save them from the dreadful mouth of Death.

MIBS in unique in its genre; Why?

  • We conduct competitive tests for developing a sense of Scholarship

  • Scholarship Exams to heighlight intellectual power.

  • Motivation Classes to inspire Children

  • Smart classes for up-dated education

  • Remedial classes for slow learners

  • Counselling for children to avoid their stress and strain

  • Club activities to create social sense.

  • House system to promote group-work and discipline.

  • Celebrations for mental refreshments

  • Sports for developing good physique

  • Foot ball matches for creating sportsman spirit in student

  • Art Programme for artistic & cultural development

  • Yoga classes to create physical and spiritual health

  • Karatte-classes to practice martial arts.

  • Band groups to make ceremonies colourful.

  • Maintains Aquariums for aquatic study and amusement

  • Maintains a birds-park for environmental study and to create love for fellow beings

  • Maintains an agricultural farm and a medicinal garden

  • Organised and maintains Charity Club to care and share with the weak and disabled and provide all sorts of help to the needy.

  • Glorious, Scholastic progress and laudable academic results.

  • Besides all considering all these merits, the School has won ISO CERTIFICATE which is an honorary award- ie a great recognition in the field of CBSE Schools.