img_8653img_8650Books are friends and treasure of wisdom. It gives us pleasure and leads us to great heights. Library is the Centre of intellectual activities. MIBS has an effective and good library service. It is a recognized important part here.

It is the Centre of intellectual life available at all time for reference.

It is a cozy place for private reading. It is furnished and equipped for comfortable use. Library is the soul of an institute. So we have given special attention to its location, rearrangement and equipment. It is in the quiet corner free from disturbance and noise. It is well lighted and airy.

The interior hall is spacious and properly maintained. It has large number of plain tables and comfortable chairs. It is equipped with new paper stand ,sloping magazine shelves, display boards, notice board, librarian counters and bulletin boards where is the jacket of new arrivals are displayed.

The catalogue of books are arranged subject wise so that they don’t waste time for hunting books. Books are selected according to the natural and psychological interest of the children.Refere nce materials are kept separately for the convenience of the student. They can come to the library according to their particular period so that library is available to each and every one.